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The Great Plains Laboratory

The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. is the world leader in providing testing for nutritional factors in chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, autism and ADD. We offer a variety of metabolic tests such as immune deficiency evaluation, amino acid tests, essential fatty acid tests, glutathione levels, metal toxicity and food allergies tests. To find a specialist or to obtain a physician referral, our customer service department is available to assist you. Free 30 minute phone consultations to assist in the interpretation of our test results are also available.


06 - 28 20 5327

Nuttersvoetpad 5
7631 AW Ootmarsum

Rony Veld

  • Psycho Neuro Immunologie 1
  • Orthomoleculair therapeut
  • Epigenetisch BrainQ therapeut
  • CAM therapeut eigen vakdiscipline
  • Bewegings-deskundige
  • Leefstijlcoach
  • HBO Verpleegkundige
  • VBAG: 2050404 A
  • Lid CAM federatie
  • BIG 69019442130
  • AGB: 90(0)09885
  • CBP no: m1285846
  • RBCZ: 910794 R
  • KvK: 08135688
  • 30 jaar ervaring
  • Vergoeding via aanvullende verzekering



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